Maybe you need smart EEPDF Word Reorganizer!

EEPDF Word Reorganizer lets you reconstruct Word files through process to convert PDF to Word ---- PDF to DOC in Windows systems. With its simple GUI interface and command line, EEPDF Word Reorganizer also helps you preview reconstruction Word files of DOC automatically etc..

EEPDF Word Reorganizer not only takes little space in your computer, but also own fast processing speed in Windows systems. To know more how EEPDF Word Reorganizer works, it is easy for you to read the following paragraphs.

First of all, if you need to try EEPDF Word Reorganizer, please click on free download EEPDF Word Reorganizer; to purchase EEPDF Word Reorganizer, please click on purchase EEPDF Word Reorganizer online .

ghbrtr GUI

  • Open EEPDF Word Reorganizer

Double click shortcut of EEPDF Word Reorganizer, so its GUI interface could be opened automatically and quickly.

  • Add source PDF files and reorganize Word from PDF

Two ways could be chosen to add PDF files for process of PDF to Word:

Drag and drop PDF files into GUI interface of EEPDF Word Reorganizer directly

Click File > select Open on menu bar or click hotkey Ctrl + F > choose PDF and click open in pop dialog box

Interface of EEPDF Word Reorganizer

After it is finished to add source PDF, a panel named Preferences could pop out, where reconstruction modes could be selected according to your will flexibly under tab Reconstruction Mode. For instance, to combine text blocks automatically, please click radio Combine text blocks automatically. Also other radios and edit boxes or check boxes could help you set other reconstruction modes, e.g., merging images into background of Word files of DOC, edit space between characters automatically. At last, please click Ok there so that your selection here can be saved automatically.

Tab reconstruction mode on preferences panel

After dialog box named Save As could be popped on your screen, please select one folder there and click Save so that you can not only finish selecting objective folder for saving Word files of DOC after conversion from PDF to Word ---- PDF to DOC, but also can start process from PDF to DOC automatically in your computer.

Interface of EEPDF Word Reorganizer during process from PDF to DOC

After EEPDF Word Reorganizer finishes process from PDF to Word, generated DOC files could be added into destination folder automatically.


To use command line to reorganize Word with other properties of Word through process from PDF to DOC, please read followings:

  • Usage: PDF2Word [Option] <PDF File> [<Word File>]
  • Here is one supported options below:

-z <zoom ratio> : Set zoom ratio when conversion, the range is from 50 to 200

-i <input PDF file name> : PDF file will be converted

-o <output Word file name> : Word file will be generated

An example is as follow:

PDF2Word -q -f 1 -l 1 -i c:\source.pdf -o c:\target.doc

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