How to convert image PDF to Word (DOC/RTF)

If you need to convert image PDF to Word, EEPDF Image PDF to Word OCR Converter will be a good assistant for you.

Image PDF, or scanned PDF is PDF document created by scanning physical paper like pages of a book, legal documents, etc. With OCR (Optical Character Recognition, a common method to digitize handwritten, typewritten, printed texts so that they can be electronically stored, searched, etc.), EEPDF Image PDF to Word OCR Converter can not only convert scanned PDF files and normal PDF files to Word (DOC/RTF) documents, but also can convert scanned JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc. images to Word documents.

To convert image PDF document to editable Word document, please do as follows:

Firstly, please click the following button to download the application. After the download, please double click the installer of this application and then install the application on your computer via following the setup wizard.

download EEPDF Image PDF to Word OCR Converter

Secondly, please open the application and you can see its user interface on the screen. To add image PDF document into the application, you can directly drag and drop the image PDF document into the application. Or you can click the Add PDF File (s) button at bottom of the user interface to open file picker window from which you can add files.

After adding the image PDF document, you can set parameters for the target file. In the drop-down list of “Output Options”, you can choose a suitable OCR option according to the language of the image PDF. For example, if the PDF and images are in English, please choose “OCR PDF and Image file (Language: English)”. Please see it in next snapshot.

convert image PDF to Word with EEPDF Image PDF to Word OCR Converter

In the “Output Formats” group box, you can choose a target format for the converted file.

In the “Page Range” group box, you can set the page range.

Lastly, please click the Convert button at bottom of user interface. When the “Save As” window pops up, you need to choose an output location and edit the file name for created Word document. After clicking the Save button, it will start to convert the image PDF document to Word file.

Several seconds later, you can get the target Word document in the specified location.

Note: The trial version can only convert the first two pages of the PDF file to Word. To eliminate this limitation, please buy the full version of EEPDF Image PDF to Word OCR Converter.

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