PDF to RTF Converter- Convert any PDF to editable RTF

Need to convert PDF to RTF so that you can easily reuse the PDF contents in MS Word, OpenOffice or other word processing applications?

To extract contents from PDF to RTF, you need the right tool. I have searched the internet and tried several such tools, and here I wanted to share eePDF PDF to Word Converter with you. eePDF PDF to Word Converter is able to easily convert a bunch of PDF files to editable RTF documents with good quality. With the help of eePDF PDF to Word Converter, converting a PDF document to an RTF file is a piece of cake!

  • 1. Download and run eePDF PDF to Word Converter.
  • 2. Drag PDF files into it.
  • 3. Choose RTF as the output format, set output  options and page ranges, etc.


  • 4. Convert.

About PDF & RTF

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal platform-independent file format that can hold texts, raster and vector graphics, different fonts, color, styles, interactive elements, etc. It’s widely used across different platforms because the contents in a PDF document can be read and interpreted the same way on any device regardless of the operating system. For security and compatibility reasons, PDF documents are widely used in global workplaces and company brochures, ebooks, help manuals are usually in PDF format. But it is inconvenient and difficult to edit and modify PDF.

RTF (Rich Text Format) is a proprietary file format developed by Microsoft for cross-platform document interchange. It can hold texts, graphics and meta-data. Compared to PDF, it’s initially developed for easy editing and is supported by many text processors

Therefore, you need to convert PDF to RTF.

If you ever have the need to create RTF document from PDF file, why not try eePDF PDF to Word Converter?

To know more about this tool or how to convert PDF to RTF, please contact support@eepdf.com.

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