How to copy partial pdf to word effortlessly?

Only need to copy partial contents in pdf to word? EEPDF PDF to Word Converter is able to deal with this task.

partial pdf to word EEPDF PDF to Word Converteris a professional tool that can convert a whole PDF file or a part of a PDF file to editable Word documents in DOC or RTF formats. It can  accurately retain the text, tables, graphics, and images of the original PDF files. Besides, it supports multiple languages and batch conversion.

You may wonder what DOC and RTF are. Doc is the file extension used by default in Word version 97-2003. Although Word 2007 and Word 2010 do not use the DOC file format as default, they continue to support the format. RTF(Rich Text Format) is a proprietary document file format used for cross-platform document interchange. To transmit file across different platforms, you may use RTF.

With this PDF to Word converter, you can easily copy and paste some parts of a PDF file to a Word file.

Firstly, download and install EEPDF PDF to Word Converter.

Secondly, drag PDF files to the list box of eePDF PDF to Word Converter.

Thirdly, set output format and select page range. There are two output formats- MS Word Document (*.DOC) and Rich Text Format (*.RTF). Since it’s MS Word Document (*.DOC) by default, you don’t need to make any change. The third combo  box titled Page Range has two options: All Pages and Select Range. It’s All Pages by default, so you have to click the Select Rangeradio box and then choose or type the page numbers in the combo boxes.

PDF to Word Converter

At last, covert the selected parts of the PDF file to Word file. Click Convert, the “Save AS” dialog box will pop up. Select a directory and type a file name for the converted file.Then click Saveto close the dialog box.

If you want to know more about how to use EEPDF PDF to Word Converter to convert partial pages from PDF to Word, you can leave your comments below or send your email to

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