How does EEPDF PDF to DOC Converter work?

EEPDF PDF to DOC Converter is a professional tool helping you produce Word files of DOC through process from PDF to DOC in computers of Windows systems. Also it lets users set properties of DOC files including page range and character interval etc., which really save you from dull routine work!

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EEPDF PDF to DOC Converter is a combination of GUI and CMD, so here are relative steps with GUI and command line below:

sdgewfsdfsdaf GUI

  • Add PDF

Click File on GUI interface > click hotkey Ctrl + F > select PDF and click Open in pop dialog box, or drag and drop PDF into GUI interface of EEPDF PDF to DOC Converter directly, till now, it is finished to add PDF.

Interface of EEPDF PDF to DOC Converter

  • Edit objective properties of DOC

After source PDF can be added successfully, there could be a panel named Preferences popping out, where properties of DOC can be edited flexibly, e.g., reconstruction mode, pictures combination into background, graphics removal, retaining text boxes or not, which means all you need to do is just to select the relative radio or check box etc.. For instance, to edit space between characters of DOC files, please click radio PDF2Word v1.x compatible options > type integer value in edit box Space between characters (UNIT: pixel), in case there is no other setting on properties of DOC files, you can click Ok there in order to save setting here and close this panel.

Panel of Preferences

  • Convert PDF to DOC into destination folder

After one click on Ok of preferences panel, a dialog box could pop out automatically, where you could select one folder as targeting folder for saving Word files of DOC and click save, then along with relative information are shown on GUI interface of EEPDF PDF to DOC Converter, and after a while, Word files of DOC could be added into destination folder automatically.


  • Usage:

pdf2word [Option] <PDF File> [<Word File>]

  • Part of supported options:

-f <page number>: First page to be converted

-l <page number>: Last page to be converted

-i <input file name>: PDF file will be converted

-o <output file name>: Word file will be generated

  • Here is an example to convert PDF to Word --- PDF to DOC with command line:

Pdf2word.exe -q -m -r -b 50 -f 1 -l 1 -i c:\in.pdf -o c:\out.doc

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