How to use EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter?

EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter makes the process to split PDF easier to realize through conversion of PDF to Word on Windows platforms. Besides basic function to split PDF in process of PDF to DOC, this application supports editing other options of Word.

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EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter can really take you a pleasant journey on splitting PDF and converting PDF to Word, namely PDF to DOC in Windows systems. So after you launch EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter, it will be very easy and simple to manipulate process with following steps, if you need to know the exact method:

Interface of EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter

  • Add original PDF

Click File > select open on dropdown list > choose PDF in dialog box > click open there, or drag and drop PDF onto interface of EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter directly.

  • Prepare to split PDF and edit other properties of Word

In auto-pop preferences panel, to prepare to split PDF, namely, setting page range for conversion, please click tab General, then click selected pages on pop list page range, and then, page numbers could be typed in edit boxes from and to so that it is finished for prepared work on splitting PDF during process of PDF to DOC; to delete graphics from PDF to Word, please switch to Graphics > choose relative check box etc.. Finally, please click ok on preference panel in order to save your setting here.

Preferences panel under tab General

  • Start process to split PDF after selected objective folder

In pop dialog box save as, which is used for selecting objective folder, please click one folder icon there and click save, finally, along with successful selection of destination folder, EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter can start process to split PDF from PDF to DOC in your computer.

Dialog box of save as

When Word files are added into destination folder automatically, it is successful and finished to split PDF from PDF to Word with EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter on Windows platforms.


  • Usage: PDF2Word [Option] <PDF File> [<Word File>]
  • Essential parameters used to split PDF through process from PDF to Word:

-f <page number> : First page to be converted

-l <page number> : Last page to be converted

-i <input PDF file name> : PDF file will be converted

-o <output Word file name> : Word file will be generated

  • Example to split PDF via conversion from PDF to DOC:

PDF2Word.exe -f 1 -l 1 -i f:\input.pdf -o c:\output.doc

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Other supported options

Other capabilities of EEPDF PDF2Word Splitter

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