EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter is a program designed to convert pcl, pxl and px3 printer formats to other commonly used distribution formats. It can convert formats like pcl, pxl and px3 to pdf, ps, tif, jpg, bmp, pcx. It also supports to convert pcl to pxl, px3 to pxl. It can modify the image color depth and resolution in the conversion of image target formats. It can as well set the pdf property and access permissions in conversion with pdf target formats.

Convert PCL to PDF.
Convert PCL to image formats.

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Features of PCL to PDF Converter:

All Windows platform supported – it can run in Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2008/7 systems.

Support various target formats – it supports conversion from pcl to pdf, pcl to ps, pcl to tiff, pcl to jpg, pcl to bmp, pcl to pcx and pcl to pxl. The source format can be one of the three formats, pcl, pxl and px3.

Create searchable pdf and ps files – it can convert pcl files into textually searchable pdf and ps files.

Support batch conversion – it can convert a number of pcl, pxl and px3 files to one format in one batch conversion.

Merge multiple files into one file – it can convert and merge multiple files into one pdf file, and the page order can be manually changed before the conversion.

Automatic unattended conversion – it can monitor and convert newly created files in specified directories in unattended mode and the formats of source files can be specified.

Rotate pages – it can rotate the pages of source files in the conversion process.

Fit page size – it can fit the pages of source files to specified paper size in the conversion.

Change page orientation – it can change the page orientation of source files in the conversion.

Change color depth – it can change the color depth in conversion from source formats to images.

Customize resolutions – it can change the resolution of converted images in the conversion.

Edit pdf property information – it can edit the pdf property such as title, author, subject and keywords of the converted pdf files in the conversion from source formats to pdf.

Set permissions of pdf files – it can set the access permissions of converted pdf files in conversion from source formats to pdf.

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