How to extract text from PDF to RTF?

With PDF to Word Converter, you can extract text of PDF file during conversion of PDF to RTF in Windows platforms.

Here are the steps below:

First of all, please double click installer of PDF to Word Converter after you download installer of PDF to Word Converter from this link //, then, please follow setup wizard to install PDF to Word Converter on your computer.

1. Launch PDF to Word Converter on your computer, then you can get its GUI interface on your screen, where you need to click “Add PDF Files” in order to add PDF file for your process, so your PDF file can be shown as a path appearing in processing form like below:

interface of PDF to Word Converter 

2. To extract text of PDF, please click radio of “Text only” so that PDF to Word Converter can help you fulfill it during the conversion of PDF to RTF.

3. To set targeting format as RTF, please click radio of “Rich Text Format”, then after conversion, you can get Word file of RTF format. By the way, please click check-box of “View after convert” if you want to preview RTF file after conversion automatically.

4. To save your RTF file and produce your RTF file, please click “Convert”, then you can get a folder in dialog box of “Save As”, and click “Save”, then PDF to Word Converter can help you accomplish the conversion of PDF file to RTF file. Automatically, your RTF file can be previewed on your screen.

dialog box of "Save As"

RTF file previewed automatically

At last, to know more information of PDF to Word Converter, please click this link: // To buy PDF to Word Converter online, please click this link: // For any doubts on this process to convert PDF to RTF and extract text of PDF, please leave your comment here.

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