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EEPDF GIF to PDF Converter supports converting GIF to PDF singly or in batches and editing properties of PDF files like encrypting PDF files professionally and quickly. With its simple interface, source image files could be previewed, too.

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sdfwefsadfsadf For example, to convert GIF to PDF in batches with EEPDF GIF to PDF Converter, here is illustration below

  • Launch application and add original GIF files

Please double click shortcut of EEPDF GIF to PDF Converter > drag and drop GIF files or other formats image files from original folder to processing form directly, then their paths could be shown in processing form automatically.

Interface of EEPDF GIF to PDF Converter

Besides the method mentioned above, to add dozens of source image files, please click File > select Add Directory > choose one folder or disk in pop dialog box Browse for Folder > click OK.

  • Get encryption work done and set other options of PDF files optionally

If you want to encrypt PDF files, please click Setting > click tab Encrypt Options, then you need to click check box Encrypt PDF File in order to activate the followings on this panel. Then, to edit user password and master password, please type them in their edit boxes; to set popular encryption mode as 40 bits RC4 or 128 bits RC4, please click their radios separately; to edit permission due to master password, please click check boxes relatively and accordingly.

Setting panel under tab Encrypt Options

Please click other tabs separately on this panel in case you want to edit other options of PDF files; if not, please click OK in order to save setting here automatically.

You need to click Make PDF on interface > select suitable option on pop list according to your requirement. Then, in pop dialog box, please click icon of one folder in order to set targeting folder for saving PDF files, at last, please click Save so that PDF files with specified encryption can be generated into targeting folder in batches along with successful setting on objective folder.

Dialog box for saving PDF files

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Other supported options of EEPDF GIF to PDF Converter

Other capabilities of EEPDF GIF to PDF Converter

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