Why is EEPDF PCX to PDF Converter So Popular?

EEPDF PCX to PDF Converter is an amazing tool which has been designed to help Windows users convert PCX to PDF and other image formats to PDF singly or in batches. In addition, this dreaming tool also could set PDF information and insert PDF based on existed PDF file accurately etc.

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uioPlease run EEPDF PCX to PDF Converter on your computer first, then to insert PDF and edit PDF information through process from PCX to PDF on Windows platforms, please continue to read following paragraphs.

  • Add image files

It is so easy for you to drag and drop image files from original folder into processing form on GUI interface, which is one way to add image files. However, on GUI interface, you also could click Add File(s) > select image files and click Open in pop dialog box. Or just add directory in order to add all image files in that directory: click File > click Add Directory > select one folder and click OK.

Interface of EEPDF PCX to PDF Converter

To remove added image files, please click Edit > select Delete all items or Delete selected items on pop list.

  • Get preparation for inserting PDF into existed PDF file optionally

With interface of EEPDF PCX to PDF Converter, to insert PDF file into existed PDF file, please click Setting > select tab Save Mode on that panel, then move your mouse onto almost bottom of this panel > click one of radios Insert before the first page if file exist and Append to the last page if file exist so that new PDF file could be inserted into existed PDF before first page or after last page of existed PDF.

Setting panel under tab Save Mode

To make this setting effective after process of PCX to PDF, please click OK.

Likely, to edit PDF information, please click Setting, too and choose tab PDF Info. Then, in related edit boxes, please type customized title, subject, author and keywords.

Setting panel under tab PDF Info

Finally, one click on OK enables you to save your settings directly.

  • Start to convert PCX to PDF with new PDF file inserted and customized PDF information

On GUI interface, please click Make PDF, then click one option on pop list due to your need, and later on, after another dialog box is opened, please select one folder as targeting folder and click Save so that new PDF files could be generated into targeting folder, after EEPDF PCX to PDF Converter edits PDF information and insert PDF into existed PDF in conversion from PCX to PDF in batches.

Dialog box for saving PDF files uio Please go to related page in case you want more information

Other supported options

Other capabilities of EEPDF PCX to PDF Converter

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