Convert scanned PDF to editable Word in batches

Need to convert several scanned PDF files to editable Microsoft Word documents in batch mode? Here is a way to quickly accomplish this task.

The tool we are going to use is EEPDF PDF to Word OCR Converter. Just as its name suggests,  it can not only convert common PDF to highly-editable MS Word files but also transfer scanned PDF into Word documents with OCR technology. It supports six languages(English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese).

How to change lots of PDF documents that are scanned to editable Word files?

  • Click 4to download EEPDF PDF to Word OCR Converter, then double click the installer on your computer, and follow the setup wizard to install the application.
  • Launch the OCR application on your computer, then add the scanned PDF documents either by drag-and-drop operation or by clicking “Add PDF File(s)” > select PDF files and click “Open”.

add scanned PDF in batches to EEPDF PDF to Word OCR Converter

  • Select all the PDF files by dragging the mouse pointer from the bottom to up or by clicking the first file in the processing list, then pressing “Shift” button on your keyboard and clicking the last file at the same time.
  • Select “OCR PDF file (Language: xxx)” from the drop-down list of “Output Options” according to the language of your scanned PDF. The purpose of this step is to make the converter process the scanned PDF documents more accurately with OCR.For example, if you added a lot of English scanned PDF, please click “OCR PDF file (Language: English)”.
  • Set target format in the “Output Formats” combo box. If you click on radio box of “MS Word Document”, you will get the target file with an extension of DOC.If you click on radio of “Rich Text Format”, you will obtain the output file in RTF format.
  • Start the conversion by clicking “Convert” button, then choose a destination folder in the “Browse for folder” dialog box and click “OK”.

It is cool, right? It is easy to convert scanned PDF to Word in batches with EEPDF PDF to Word OCR Converter.

Download EEPDF PDF to Word OCR Converter EEPDF PDF to Word OCR Converter.

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