How to use EEPDF PNG to PDF Converter?

EEPDF PNG to PDF Converter helps you convert PNG to PDF singly or in batches and other formats of image to PDF professionally in Windows systems. Furthermore, it lets you encrypt PDF files etc. on your computer.

swex Method to use EEPDF PNG to PDF Converter to convert image to PDF

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ghesfwefsadf Add image files

After you open GUI interface of EEPDF PNG to PDF Converter on your computer, please add PNG or other formats image with following ways:

Interface of EEPDF PNG to PDF Converter

  • Click Add File(s) – select image files and click Open in pop dialog box
  • Drag and drop image files into processing table directly

ghesfwefsadfPrepare to encrypt PDF files and edit other properties optionally

Click Setting on GUI interface > select tab Encrypt Options, then you can start to set user and owner passwords of PDF files in relative edit boxes, select proper encryption level between 40 bits RC4 and 128 bits RC4 and edit permission for owner password.

Panel of setting properties under tab Encrypt Options

To stop editing other properties when it is finished to prepare to encrypt PDF files, please click OK on this panel, then your setting could be saved.

ghesfwefsadfConvert image to PDF, namely PNG to PDF here

Please click Make PDF on GUI interface, and in case you select all paths appearing in processing form, there could be a cue for combining selected images into one PDF file, if not, it will be a total different one on dropdown list. Anyway, you could select one option on pop list so that destination folder could be chosen in pop dialog box like below.

Click Make PDF in order to convert PNG to PDF

Then, you need to select one folder and click save in dialog box, finally, your PDF files could be produced into targeting folder directly.

Dialog box Save As

By now, it is complete to convert PNG to PDF with EEPDF PNG to PDF Converter, which is an example of illustration of how to convert image to PDF with EEPDF PNG to PDF Converter on Windows platforms.

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