A Tool to Split PDF & Merge PDF

Do you have to split large PDF to small pieces? Or merge several PDF files into one for saving conveniently? Why not try EEPDF PDF Split Merge— a tool that could both split PDF and merge PDF?

EEPDF PDF Split Merge is an award winning tool that can not only break and divide large PDF documents into a number of small sized PDF files within seconds, but also merge and join multiple PDF separate files to one single PDF file.

split PDF In terms of data sharing, nothing can match doing it in PDF format, which is by far the most dominant format for document distribution. However, if the PDF file that is to be shared is too big to be transferred via network, we may need to split the PDF files.Unavoidably, we often receive large-size PDF files with many pages, but just several pages in the PDF files are useful to us.

To manage PDF files more efficient, we need to save the useful pages and throw the useless part. In this case, we may also need to split PDF files. It will be easier to split a PDF file if you use a good PDF splitter. EEPDF PDF Split Merge is such an application that allows you to split large PDF documents to small files. It can extract specified range pages from a PDF file based on the page number such as odd number pages, even number pages, page 2 to 6 etc. It can also split a PDF file by its bookmarks.Moreover, it can as well be used to remove specified pages of a PDF file.

merge PDF When document management becomes an key issue, merging separate PDF files together makes it easier to control the content of file folders, which can reduce the amount of time you spend opening and browsing separate individual PDF files.

EEPDF PDF Split Merge can easily and quickly merge multiple separate PDF files to a single one to save your time. What’s more, it can cross merge two PDF files into one single PDF file ( such the odd number page from a PDF file and the even number page from another PDF file).

There are may some PDF merger or PDF splitter, but now, EEPDF PDF Split Merge combines the two together, it’s really the best choice for you to save money and time!

To know more about it or how to split PDF or merge PDF with it, post your comments here or email support@eepdf.com.

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