How to delete specified PDF pages

With the help of EEPDF PDF Split Merge,you can quickly and easily split PDF and delete pages from PDF. This article would like to describe how to use this Windows application to accomplish it.

Just as its name suggests, EEPDF PDF Split Merge is a multifunctional application. It can act as a PDF splitter that can split a large-size PDF into several small-size PDF files. It can also serve as a PDF merger that can merge PDF files to a single PDF. In addition, it allows you to delete a specific page, even pages, odd pages, etc. from PDF documents.

In order to use this application, please free download EEPDF PDF Split Merge at first and then install the application on your computer. After launching the application, you will see its user interface on your screen.

For splitting PDF pages, please do as follows:

  • In the user interface, please switch to the “Delete page/page range” interface by clicking the Delete page/page range tab.
  • Please add the PDF document into the application by clicking the Browser button in the “Source PDF file” panel of the “Delete page/page range” interface.
  • Please check the radio button of “Specify pages, eg:-5, 6-7, 9-8, 20, even, odd, reverse” and then specify pages in the edit box beside it in the “Options” group box. You will see it in the next snapshot.

split PDF or delete pages from PDF using EEPDF PDF Split Merge

  • Please choose a directory for the output PDF with specified pages deleted from it in the “Output directory” panel. You can save the file in the same directory as the source PDF by checking the radio button of “Same as source (overwrite original PDF file)”, which will overwrite the original PDF file. You can also choose a different directory by clicking the Browser button in the “Output directory”panel.
  • To start to split the PDF pages you specify from PDF, please click the Run button on the interface.

Then, the application will split or delete the specified PDF pages from the source PDF.

Now let us take a random PDF file for example to check its effect. The following comparison snapshot can prove it more than words.

comparation effect between source PDF and split PDF

If you are interested in this application, you can click the following button to download EEPDF PDF Split Merge.

download EEPDF PDF Split Merge to  split PDF

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