How to convert selected pages from PDF to Excel(XLS, XLSX)?

This article is about how to convert selected pages from PDF document to Excel(XLS, XLSX) file with EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter .

EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter is a application that can not only convert specified pages from PDF document to editable Excel files, but also support batch conversion on Windows platforms.

Below are the detailed steps of converting scanned PDF to editable Word documents.

Step 1. Download and Install

Download the installer of EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter, then install the application on computer according to the setup wizard

Step 2. Launch and Add

After the successful installation of the app, it will automatically run. If it fails to launch itself, you can double click the icon on the desktop to launch it. Add the PDF by dragging the PDF files and drop them to the processing table or by clicking Add PDF File(s) > choosing the PDF files in the pop-up dialog box > clicking Open.

Step 3. Select Pages

Since it is “All Pages” by default, you need to click the radio box besides “Select Page”and input numbers in the from-to group box. For example, from 2 to 3.

convert selected pages from PDf to Excel using EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter

Step 4. Choose output option and output file format

In the “Output Options” group box, you can choose One Sheet per page and all pages, or One Sheet per page, or A sheet contains all PDF pages. In the “Output Formats” combo box, you can choose MS Excel 97-2003 (XLS) or MS Excel 2007 (XLSX).

Step 5. Convert

Click Convert button to start to convert the selecting pages of PDF to Excel. After you click Convert, the “Save As” dialog box will appear. Choose a folder and click Save.

(Note: If you input several PDF documents, the “Browse for Folder” dialog box will pop up .)

Here is the end about steps to use EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter to convert chosen pages of the PDF to Excel.

Click download EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter  to get the trial version of EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter.

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