Convert PDF to Excel in batch with high quality and efficiency

The application EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter enables you to convert the table in PDF to XLS or XLSX file of Microsoft Excel by easy operations with efficiency and accuracy in case that you want to edit the data in original table or save the table as new excel file format which has several sheets.

For using the program PDF to Excel Converter, please download or purchase it by clicking the following buttons.

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To convert pdf to excel, please install the program on your computer and open it by clicking the icon of it, then you will see the main window of it like the one shown in Figure 1.

convert pdf to excel in PDF to Excel Converter

                                                                      Figure 1

When you add PDF file into the program, please click Add PDF File (s) to choose PDF document from the open file picker window or you can use drag and drop operations. After the documents are added, you can double click the file in file list to view it by the default PDF reader on your computer. The buttons Remove and Remove All are used to remove selected or all files from the file list.

In Output Options group box, you can check the option One sheet per page and all pages which means to convert each page of pdf to excel sheet respectively and combine all pdf pages in a single sheet, One sheet per page which means to convert each page to each sheet and A sheet contains all PDF pages which means to combine all pdf pages in one sheet.

In Output Formats group box, you can choose the output format as XLS or XLSX according to your needs. You can also select page range as all pages or the specified pages in Page Range group box. If you need to view the converted excel file after the conversion from pdf to excel, please check the option View after convert. Then please click Convert button to open the window for saving target file and run the conversion from PDF to XLS or PDF to XLSX.

Several seconds later, the conversion will be done. Please see the original pdf document in Figure 2 and the converted excel file in Figure 3. If you want to learn more information about EEPDF PDF to Excel Converter, please visit its homepage. If you have any questions, please contact the support team.

orginal pdf document

                                                                   Figure 2

excel document after the conversion from pdf to excel

                                                                  Figure 3

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