How to make slideshow from local photos (Totally Free)

Have taken lots of photos for your family, friends, or special events such as birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, etc.? Creating a photo slideshow is a fun-filled way to back up the memories in your life. This article will provide you a totally free way to make slideshow with VeryPDF Slideshow.

VeryPDF Slideshow is a wonderful online app that you will come to love when you see how incredibly easy it is to add photos, create stunning photo slideshows with music/3D effects, and share them with your friends and family.

Just in 3 steps, you can successfully make slideshow from local photos.

Step 1. Add

First, please open the homepage of VeryPDF Slideshow. Then, please click the Add Photos button in the toolbar to open file picker windows in which you can add photos. Or you can use drag and drop operations to add multiple photos. It supports to add images in the format of JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF. After adding the images, you can preview the added images in the blank area below the toolbar. Please see it in the following snapshot:

add image to make slideshow

Step 2. Customize

Please click Next button to switch to the “setting” page as shown like the next snapshot.

Customize slideshow

  • In the “Album”part of this page, you can reorder, rotate, crop, delete, and add images and photos.
  • In “Size”option, you can choose a fixed size in the drop-down list or customize the size yourself for the created slideshow.
  • In “Other”option, you can decide to change the background of the generated slideshow into transparency.
  • In“Sound”option, you can choose a default sound in the drop-down list or upload a MP3 music you like.(The maximum size is 20 MB.)
  • In “Background” option, you can choose a default background or upload a background you like.
  • In “Choose Template” option, you can click a template to apply it to the album. It provides normal, 3D wall and 3D vertical templates. You can see these three templates from the following snapshots.

Normal Template
Normal Template

3D Wall Template
3D Wall Template

3D Vertical template
3D Vertical Template

  • In “Preview & Setting”, you can preview the effects.

Step 3. Publish

Please click Publish button to publish the created slideshow. Once the slideshow is published, it will generate a unique URL for each slideshow. You can copy and paste the generated link into Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. to share it with your friends.

Note: VeryPDF Slideshow is now under testing and it will be officially released soon. During the using, if you have any questions, you can contact support group of VeryPDF.

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