How to convert PDF to JPG image and set image quality

If you need to convert PDF documents to JPG images and set image quality for the JPG images, the Windows application EEPDF PDF to Image Converter will be a good choice for you.

What’s image quality?

Image quality is a characteristic of image that measures the perceived image degradation compared to an ideal image. It is generally a judgment based on what the image looks like when it is printed or when you zoom in on it.

EEPDF PDF to Image Converter is a wonderful utility which is able to convert PDF to images such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TGA, PCX, EMF, WMF, RAS, etc. When converting PDF to JPG images, it also allows you to set quality for the output JPG image.

In the following contents, you will see how to use this application to accomplish the conversion from PDF format to JPG format and realize the image quality that you need.

  • Please download the installer of EEPDF PDF to Image Converter, then, double-click this installer and install it on the computer following the setup wizard till the end.
  • After opening the GUI interface of this utility, please click the Add button under the processing table to add the PDF documents. Or directly drag and drop the PDF files into processing table of this utility.
  • After adding PDF files, please choose JPG as the output image format in the “File type” drop-down list. Then, downward, please set a destination folder. To do this, there are to options. You can directly input a file path for the output images in the “Destination folder” edit box. You can also click the Browse button beside the edit box to choose a destination folder.
  • After setting the output image format and output destination folder, please set the image quality in the “Quality (0-100)” spin box within the “JPEG” panel as shown in following snapshot.

convert PDF to JPG image and set image quality using EEPDF PDF to Image Converter

  • After setting the quality for the JPG quality, please click the Convert button at bottom of the GUI interface to start to convert the PDF documents to JPG images with the image quality you set.

In fact, you can set more useful parameters for the JPG image. If you are interested in it, please download EEPDF PDF to Image Converter via the following button.

download EEPDF PDF to Image Converter to convert PDF to JPG image and set image quality

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