How to convert PDF to image and trim image via command line

When you convert PDF to image, you are able to trim the created image with the help of EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line. In addition, you can set image quality, image resolution, page size, compression mode, etc. for the converted image.

In this article, you will see how to use this command line application to convert PDF to trimmed image step by step. Please see the following steps one by one:

Step 1. Download and unzip

At first, please download EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line. There is no need for installation of this application and you just need to extract the ZIP file to some location of your computer. The executable file named pdf2img.exe in unzipped file folder is the called program of the application.

Step 2. Open MS-DOS interface

In order to input the commands, please open the MS-DOS interface (command prompt window) because this application is a MS-DOS oriented application.

Step 3. Input commands

Before inputting the commands, you can open the readme.txt document in unzipped file folder or input the path of pdf2img.exe in MS-DOS interface and hit Enter button to see the usage and options of this application.

According to the usage, please refer to the following command template to write your own commands:

pdf2img [options] <PDF-file> <img-file>

In the above template,

pdf2img:stands for the called program.

[options]:stands for the parameters.

<PDF-file>: stands for file path of the input PDF file

<img-file>:stands for file path of the output image

If you need to trim the converted image, please see the following example:

pdf2img.exe -trimimage C:\in.pdf C:\out.png

In this example, the parameter “-trimimage”is to trim the converted image file. So, the whole example is to convert PDF to PNG image and trim the PNG image.

Step 4. Run commands

To run the commands, please hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

Several seconds later, you will get the trimmed image in the specified location and then you are able to use the image for your purpose.

In the end of this article, if you are interested in this application, you are strongly recommended to download the free trial version of EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line by clicking the following button.

download EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line

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