How to convert multipage PDF to multipage TIFF via command line

The command line application EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line is a flexible application that allows you to convert multipage PDF document to multipage TIFF file.

What’s TIFF?

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is a FAX compatible image format that is popular among scanning, faxing, etc. It is widely supported by image-manipulation applications, publishing and page layout applications, scanning, faxing, word processing, optical character recognition and other applications. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to change PDF files to TIFF images for faxing, mailing, and printing, etc.

Apart from converting PDF files to TIFF images, EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line can also convert PDF to other images such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TGA, PCX, PNM, RAS, PBM, etc. In addition, it supports to set compression mode, image quality, resolution, page size, etc. for the converted image.

Just by following steps, you can successfully convert multipage PDF to multipage TIFF. Please go on reading the following contents.

Step 1. Download and unzip

Please free download EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line, and then please extract the ZIP file. In the extracted package, the executable file pdf2img.exe is the called program.

In the unzipped package, you can also see a txt document named as readme.txt which includes the usage and options of this application. You will see how to use this application through readme.txt document.

Step 2. Open command prompt window

Please open command prompt window in which you are able to input the commands.

Step 3. Input commands

Please follow the command template below to write your own commands:

pdf2img.exe -multipage <PDF-file> <TIFF-file >

In the template,

pdf2img.exe: call the program

-multipage: create multipage TIFF file

<PDF-file>: specify the input PDF file

<TIFF-file >: specify the output TIFF file

For example,

pdf2img.exe -multipage C:\in.pdf D:\out. tif

This example is to convert PDF in disk C:\ to multipage TIFF file and save the converted image in disk D: \.

Step 4. Run commands

For running the conversion, please hit the Enter button on your keyboard and you just need to wait until the conversion is completed.

If you still have any other questions about this application or the conversion, please leave your comments below and we will reply you as soon as possible. If you are interested in this application, please click the following button to download EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line and have a try.

download EEPDF PDF to Image Converter Command Line

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