How to convert PDF to TIFF image and compress TIFF

EEPDF PDF to Image Converter  can convert PDF to TIFF image and compress the TIFF image. The compressed TIFF image can be easily used for faxing, document archiving, or a variety of other uses.

PDF (Portable Document Format) and TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) are the two most popular formats for documents that come from a scanner. Both of them can store multiple pages in one file. PDF is able to protect data editing, copying, etc. However, sometimes it is necessary to create TIFF copies of PDF files for mailing, faxing and printing, etc.

The Windows application EEPDF PDF to Image Converter has superior features that other similar applications can’t compete with. Besides perfectly converting PDF documents to TIFF files, it can also convert PDF to other images such as JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TGA, PCX, EMF, WMF, RAS, etc. Moreover, it supports to compress TIFF in different compression modes such as LZW, JPEG, Packbits, CCITT group 3 and CCITT group 4, etc. during the conversion from PDF to TIF/TIFF.

There are several steps for your reference to convert PDF to compressed TIFF. Just follow the steps shown below:

Step 1. Download and install

Please free download EEPDF PDF to Image Converter and install it on your computer. When launching the application, you can see its user interface on the screen.

Step 2. Add PDF

To add PDF, you can directly drag and drop the PDF documents into the application.

Step 3. Choose target image format and destination folder

In the “File type” drop-down list, please choose the target image format as TIF. In the “Destination folder” edit box, you can directly input an output path for the created TIFF image. Or please click the Browse button beside it to choose an output location.

Step 4. Select compression mode

In the “TIFF” group box of the “Options” panel, there are five compression modes: Packbits, CCITT group 3, CCITT group 4, LZW, and JPEG. Please check any one of the compression method to compress the TIFF image. Please see it in following snapshot.

convert PDF to TIFF and compress TIFF using  EEPDF PDF to Image Converter

Step 5. Convert the PDF to editable Word file

Please click the Convert button to start the conversion from PDF to compressed TIFF file.

To try EEPDF PDF to Image Converter, please click the following button.

downlaod  EEPDF PDF to Image Converter to convert PDF to TIFF and compress TIFF

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