How to convert PXL/PCL to PDF and edit PDF information

This article is mainly about how to convert PXL/PCL to PDF and edit PDF information with the application EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line.

PCL and PXL are printing file format widely used in print jobs. Sometimes you may have the need to convert PXL/PCL print files to PDF (Portable Document Format) documents which are universally accessible.

EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line is powerful command line application. It can convert PRN/PXL/PC3/PCL print files to PDF and make different settings such as edit PDF property, rotate PDF pages, encrypt PDF, etc.

Only in some simple steps, you can successfully convert PRN/PXL/PC3/PCL files to PDF and customize the PDF information. Please continue to read the following contents:

1. Download and install

First of all, please download the installer of this software via clicking the following button.

download  EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line

Then, please double click the installer and follow the setup wizard step by step to install it on the computer. In the installed folder, you will find an executable file named pcltool.exe which is the called program in the MS-DOS command prompt window.

2. Input commands

To input commands, please open the MS-DOS command prompt window in which you can input commands. In the opened MS-DOS command prompt window, please refer to the command line template below to input your own commands.

pcltool [options] <pcl-file> [<pdf-file>]

Their meanings are as follows:

  • pcltool: call the program
  • [options]: set parameters for the output PDF
  • <pcl-file>: specify the path of the source PCL file
  • [<pdf-file >]: specify the path of the target PDF file

In order to set PDF information, you can use the following options: -producer, <string>, -creator <string>, -subject <string>, -title <string> and -author <string>.

If you are still confused about the above command line template and options, maybe the following example will help you:

  pcltool.exe -title “PCL to PDF Converter”-author “EEPDF” c:\input.pcl c:\out.pdf

This example is to convert a PCL file in disk C: to PDF and set the PDF title as “PCL to PDF Converter” and author as “EEPDF”.

If you want to know more usage or options about this command line application, you can download the free trial version and have a try.

If you want to get full version of this application, you can buy EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line here.

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