How to convert PXL/PCL to image of specific image resolution/DPI

With the help of EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line, you can convert PXL/PCL to image of specific image resolution/DPI.

PCL (Printer Control Language) and PXL are popular print file format use in printing jobs. Image resolution is the density of the pixels consisting of the image. DPI (Dots Per Inch) is the amount and spacing of the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black dot, which is one way to measure image resolution.

EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line is a command line application that can not only convert PXL/PCL to PDF and make different settings for the converted PDF, but also can convert PXL/PCL to various images (JPEG, PostScript, TIFF, BMP, etc.) and set image resolution, image size, color depth, etc. for the created images.

With some simple steps, you can convert PXL/PCL print files to images and customize the image X and Y resolution.

1. Download and install

At first, please free download this software and install via clicking the button below.

download  EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line

Then, please double click the EXE file and follow the setup wizard to install it on the computer. After the installation, you will see an executable file named pcltool.exe and other components in the installed folder.

2. Open MS-DOS command prompt window

To open the MS-DOS command prompt window in which you can input command line, you can click Start and then click Run or hit the two hotkeys-“Window”+ “R” at the same time to open “Run” dialog box. Then, please input cmd in “Open” edit box and click OK button.

3. Input commands

In the MS-DOS command prompt window, please follow the command line template below to input your commands:

pcltool [options] <pcl-file> [<pdf-file>]

In this command line template:

  • pcltool: call the program
  • [options]: set options
  • <pcl-file>:specify the input PCL file
  • [<image-file >]: specify the output image

To set the image X or Y resolution, you can use the following two options:

  • -xres <int>:set X resolution to image
  • -yres <int>: set Y resolution to image

For example,

pcltool.exe -xres 400 -yres 600 C:\in.pcl C:\out.jpg

This example is to convert PCL file to JPG image, and set the X resolution as 400 and Y resolution as 600.

After that, please hit the Enter button on the keyboard to run your commands.

Then, you can get your target image in the specified location.

This is the end of this article and you can get full version of EEPDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line here.

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