How to convert documents to PDF and edit PDF property

Do you need to convert printable documents to PDF? If so, please use the GUI application EEPDF Document Converter Professional. It is able to convert any printable documents such as Word, HTML, RTF, TXT, PS (PostScript), etc. to PDF and image (PS, JPG, PNG, BMP, EPS, TIF, PCX). In addition, it supports to edit PDF property information such as title, subject, author, and keywords.

In the following paragraphs, you will see how to use this application to printable Microsoft Word files to PDF and edit the PDF properties.

Step 1. Download and set up

Please free download EEPDF Document Converter Professional and set up it on the computer by following the setup wizard. For the sake of convenience, it’s recommended to create a desktop icon for the application so that you can directly double click it to launch the application.

Step 2. Launch and add

After launching the application, you can see the user interface of this application. On top of main interface, you can see the menu bar. In the middle of the main interface, you can see a table that is for listing files to be converted. At bottom of the main interface, you can see the tool bar.

To add the printable Word files into the application, please do one of follows:

  • Click the Add File(s) button in the tool bar and choose documents from the file picker window.
  • Click File (F) in the menu bar, and then select “Add Files…” or “Add Directory” in the drop-down list and choose.
  • Use drag and drop operation

Step 3.Make settings

Please click the Setting button in the tool bar and choose PDF as the target format on “Base Setting” panel. Then, please click the PDF Info tab and then you can set the PDF properties such as title, subject, author, and keywords. Please see it in the following snapshot.

edit PDF property

Step 4. Start

After editing the PDF properties, please click the OK button on the “Properties” tab panel and click the Start button in the tool bar. In the pop-up “Save As” window, please specify a name for the converted PDF and click the Save button in the window to start to convert the Word documents to PDF documents..

Several seconds later, you can get the desired PDF in the specified location.

Via clicking the following button, you are able to download EEPDF Document Converter Professional. Just have a try and you will love it.

download EEPDF Document Converter Professional

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