How does EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter work?

EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter brings you a pleasant experience for extracting text with GUI and CMD through conversion from PDF to text ---- PDF to TXT and PDF to HTML on Windows platforms. Plus, this application also supports editing relative properties of objective files flexibly and professionally.

Welcome to download EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter or purchase EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter.

Next, I will show you how to extract text from PDF to text and PDF to HTML with GUI interface and command line on Windows platforms.  


45ret45t Here is the method with GUI of EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter below:

image Launch EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter

Double click shortcut of EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter on screen, then its GUI interface could pop out.

Interface of EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter

image Set targeting format

Click Menu > click format output text, or click hotkey ctrl + f, then, objective format can be TXT; click hotkey ctrl + h or click Menu > select Output as simple HTML, then output format will be HTML.

imageEdit objective properties

Please click ctrl + r or click Menu > select auto open results files, then preview page of text could be opened on screen; click ctrl + i or click Menu > select auto add spaces into text files, then spaces could be added into text files automatically; click ctrl + d or click menu > select auto delete blank line, then blank line could be removed automatically; click ctrl + s or click menu > select get PDF document summary, then summary of PDF could be extracted to objective files.

Dropdown list of menu

Click ctrl + m or click menu > select see more options, then options panel can pop out, then you can set page range with selected pages chosen on dropdown list and page numbers typed in edit boxes From and To; and also page separator could be edited with page breakers and output text file in unicode format; to process encrypted PDF files, you can type passwords in edit boxes User password and Owner password. Finally, one click on okhelps you save your settings here.

Panel of more options

image Add source PDF files, select destination folder and start process from PDF to TXT

To add PDF files, please drag and drop PDF onto GUI interface, or just click open > select PDF > click open; then, another dialog box pops out, where you can select one folder as targeting folder and click save, then EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter can start to convert PDF to text or PDF to HTML on your computer.

Dialog box of save as

Here is the end of converting PDF to text and PDF to HTML with EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter.


45ret45tHere is the method with CMD below:

EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter Command Line can not only support single process from PDF to text or PDF to HTML with specified properties, but help you accomplish those processes in batches.

imageHere is usage of EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter of command line:

pdf2txt.exe <input PDF file> [output TXT file] [features]

imageSupported features are as follows:

-first <page number>: Specify the first page number.

-last <page number>: Specify the last page number.

-logfile : Write log to "C:\pdf2txt.log" file.

-open : Automatically preview text file after creation.

-space : Automatically insert spaces into text file.

-html : Export a HTML file, not a text file.

-format : Retain the page layout in the generated TXT file.

-silent : Disable error and warning messages.

-blankline : Automatically remove blank line in the generated TXT file.

-summary : Obtain PDF document summary.

-zoom <num> : Edit zoom ratio whose range is from 50 to 200.

-unicode : Create UTF-8 encoding text file.

-? : Help.

-h : Help.

imageHere are examples to convert PDF to text with command line, which could be referred to:

E:\>pdf2txt.exe D:\input.pdf

F:\> pdf2txt.exe C:\input.pdf -unicode

D:\> pdf2txt.exe F:\input.pdf -first 10 -last 12

C:\> pdf2txt.exe G:\input.pdf C:\output.txt

G:\> pdf2txt.exe E:\input.pdf -open -silent -logfile -zoom 150

E:\> pdf2txt.exe D:\input.pdf C:\output.txt -open -silent

F:\> pdf2txt.exe F:\*.pdf

D:\> pdf2txt.exe G:\*.pdf C:\*.txt

C:\> pdf2txt.exe H:\example\*.pdf C:\example\*.txt


For any questions on unissued EEPDF PDF to TXT Converter, including GUI and command line, please feel free to contact us through leaving comments here. Thank you for your support here!

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