Convert TIFF Image to searchable PDF File on Mac

In order to get electronic copies of paper files, I used scanner to scan a lot of paper file and saved them as tiff image files. But what I needed is searchable PDF of the paper files, so is there a way to convert TIFF to searchable PDF?

tiff image to pdf TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is a image file that carries various tags about the content of the image. Although tiff file can retain high quality, they are very large in size and are not suitable to be transferred through internet. PDF (Portable Document Format) can be compressed and transferred easily and compatible with all the computers and operating systems. Since it is platform-independent, PDF is the preferred format for document sharing.

I searched the internet, and I found that there were many PDF conversion tools. I tried a lot of them but none seemed to reach the results I wanted until I tried Image to PDF Converter for Mac. So, I’d like to share my experience to transfer TIFF to searchable PDF file with it in this article.

Firstly, I downloaded and installed Image to PDF Converter for Mac on my Mac OS X computer;then, I import the tiff image files into it;lastly, I selected an output folder for the PDF files and clicked Convert.

Only 3 three steps, I successfully changed my dozens of tiff image files into searchable PDF files!

With the gradual familiarity with it, I also learned it that I could make some settings for the output PDF files. I could rotate PDF, set page size and edit compression mode of images for the output PDF after clicking Appearance and edit PDF descriptions such as title, subject, keywords, and author after clicking Description. What’s more, I could encrypt the PDF files with passwords after clicking Security.

Another delightful thing that I’d like to share is that besides converting TIFF to PDF , Image to PDF Converter for Mac can also convert BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PBM, PCX and PPM to PDF on Mac OS X.

To know more about it or how to convert tiff image files to searchable PDF files, please contact their support team:

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