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Have a host of PDF files and need to transfer contents from pdf to word for easily editing? Or have piles of scanned PDF files and need to digitalize the contents from PDF into Word? With EEPDF PDF to Word Converter, everything is just a piece of cake.

from pdf to wordPDF (Portable Document Format) file is commonly used to share and exchange documents. Since it’s compatible with different platforms, you can view a PDF with a PDF reader in any computer of different operating system. Due to its compatibility and reliability, PDF becomes more and more widely used. For example, writers use PDF to publish their works on the internet to sell. In fact, CV or resume we use to find jobs online is usually published in PDF format so that others can only view and cannot revise it.

However, most people are accustomed to Microsoft Office, so they want to copy the contents from pdf to word in many cases. For instance, you may want to keep some favorite sentences of a great PDF ebook so that you can quote them in blog or signature. You may find it is not easy to type personal information into a PDF format job application form download from company website, for it is encrypted with password to prevent PDF from copying, editing or printing.

If you meet the same problems as above, what will you do? Of course, you can choose to retype the PDF documents into Word, but it’s time-consuming if the PDF documents are in large size with many pages. As a matter of fact, the problem can be easily solved with another alternative—convert PDF to Word.

EEPDF PDF to Word Converteris such a tool that enables you to easily and quickly convert PDF files to well-formatted and editable Microsoft Word documents in either RTF or DOC, while well preserving the text, fonts, tables, graphics and images in the original PDF files. It supports batch conversion and partial conversion, which can greatly save your time.

In just 3 steps, you will convert PDF to Word with EEPDF PDF to Word Converter.

  • Add PDF flies
  • Choose format & make settings
  • Convert

It’s so easy, isn’t it? Why not try this way right now to transfer contents from pdf to word by yourself now?

For more, please contact us via support@eepdf.com.

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  1. Resume Format says:

    Initially it is very difficult to convert PDF to word.EEPDF version helped me in converting PDF to word.this version saves lot of time.

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