Step 1: Download the free trial version of the Scanned PDF to DOCX OCR converter

You can free download the Scanned PDF to DOCX OCR converter from:Download
If you want to buy the Scanned PDF to DOCX OCR converter, please click here:Buy Now

Step 2: Run the scanned PDF to DOCX OCR Converter

It is very simple to run this PDF converter. The quickest way is to double click the icon of it.
The more traditional way is to click Start; > All Programs; > eePDF PDF to Word OCR Converter;> eePDF PDF to Word OCR Converter.

Figure 1: How to run the Scanned PDF to DOCX OCR Converter

Figure 2: the interface of the Scanned PDF to DOCX OCR Converter

Step 3: Input PDF files

You should input the scanned PDF files to the document converter by clicking Add PDF File(s) in the interface; > selecting the PDF files in the list box of PDF2Word dialog box; > clicking Open to go back to the interface of the document converter.

Figure 3: input PDF files

Figure 4: the PDF files displaying in the list box

Step 4: Select the OCR scanned PDF files option

Six options concern the OCR features are included on the list of Output Options combo box. The OCR options represent the language capability the OCR engine is of. In fact, the canned PDF to DOCX OCR Converter is able to recognize six languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. For instance, if you want to convert a English PDF file to DOCX, you should choose option 8 on the list. Moreover, the options from 1 to 7 is for conversion from normal PDF files to DOCX.

Figure 5: Six OCR options

Step 5: Set DOC as the output format

Two options, MS Word Document and Rich Text Format are listed in the Output Formats group box. It means you can use this document converter to directly convert PDF to DOC or RTF. Because the first option, MS Word Document, is the default, and we want to convert scanned PDF to DOC, we can skip to the next step.
As a matter of fact, you can also choose the second option, but for the sake of concise, I won’t introduce the other method.

Figure 6: Output Formats group box

Step 6: Convert scanned PDF to DOC

Click Convert, > select a proper folder in the Browse for Folder dialog box, > click OK to store the DOC files.

Figure 7: Click Convert

Figure 8: Select a directory

Step 7: Save RTF files in DOCX format

Open the DOC files in MS Office 2007, or 2010, click File, > Save as >Select a folder in the list box of Save As dialog box, > specify DOCX as the Save as type, > type the name in the File Name edit box, > click Save to save the files in DOCX format.

Step 8: Evaluation

The following side-by-side comparison between the original scanned PDF file and the new created DOCX document represents the effect of conversion from canned PDF to DOCX. As you can see, the content is well and correctly maintained.

Figure 9: Comparison between the source document and the output document

Scanned PDF to DOCX OCR Converter

eePDF PDF to Word OCR converter, also called Scanned PDF to DOCX OCR Converter, is a powerful PDF converter which you can use to convert scanned PDF to DOCX, DOC, RTF, OpenOffice, etc. Of course, you can also use this Scanned PDF to DOCX OCR Converter to convert normal PDF to DOCX, DOC, etc. To convert scammed PDF files to DOCX, you should follow the instruction as below.

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