Convert PPTX to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 save its document with PPTX format which has an additional “X” after its traditional extension name “PPT”, so it can be said that PPTX is a renewed format version of PowerPoint documents. Program eePDF PPTX to PDF Converter is a tool for converting PPTX to PDF. This page is the description of the program.

Step 1. The main interface window of the program is shown in the following screen snapshot. There is a table of file list for batch conversion. The files in the file list will converted from PPTX to PPT in a batch mode.

PPTX to PDF Converter – Convert PPTX to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF

Follow one of the ways listed below to add files into the file list:

Press button [Add files] and choose your PPTX files in the dialog of “Open”.
Press button [Add folder] and select the directory that contains the files to be converted.
Right click in the table of file list and choose the corresponding item to add files or folder.
Drag your files from the Windows Explorer and drop them into the main form of the program with your moth actions.

Step 2. Press [Setting] in the main program form and open the dialog of “Option” as presented in the next screen snapshot.

PPTX to PDF Converter – Convert PPTX to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF

In the tab of [Properties] of dialog “Option”, you can edit pdf properties such as “Author”, “Title”, “Subject” and “Keywords”. The tab of [Security] is for restricting the access permissions of the converted PDF files. In tab [Viewer], you can set the parameters for controlling the behaviors the pdf viewer that is opening the converted PDF files. You can add the page number into the pages of converted PDF files in tab [Page Number]. [Watermark] tab provides some options for adding watermarks in the pages of converted PDF files. Press [OK] to save those options and exit the dialog.

In the main form, press [Convert to PDF and Save As], then select a folder for saving the converted PDF files. Now your documents are converted from PPTX to PDF.

PPTX to PDF supports these features as follows:
Convert other Microsoft Office documents, such as Excel and Word to PDF.
Support all versions Office documents, MS Office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.
Batch Conversion – Convert multiple PPTX files in one single conversion process.
Edit PDF property information such as “Title”, “Author” and “Producer” of the converted PDF files.
Protect PDF files – Set passwords to protect the converted pdf files.
Print page number – You can add and format the page number into the pages of converted PDF files.
Watermark – It supports to add watermarks to each page of converted PDF files during the conversion.
Unattended automatic conversion – It can automatically convert those existing and newly created files in a specified directory to PDF files.

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