How to use eePDF PDF to Word Converter as a PDF to RTF converter?

eePDF PDF to Word Converter is also a PDF to RTF converter. As a PDF to RTF converter, it is capable of converting a bunch of PDF files to RTF documents very quickly. With this PDF to RTF converter, six steps is enough for you to convert the PDF files to editable RTF documents perfectly:

Step 1: Download eePDF PDF to Word Converter

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Step 2: Run eePDF PDF to Word Converter

After you have installed eePDF PDF to Word Converter in your computer, you should double click the icon of eePDF PDF to Word Converter, or click on Start; > All Programs; > eePDF PDF to Word Converter; > eePDF PDF to Word Converter to run eePDF PDF to Word Converter

Step 3: Input the PDF files

The quickest way for you to input the selected files that you want to convert from PDF to RTF is to drag the selected files to the list box of eePDF PDF to Word Converter.

Tips: How to delete selected PDF files?
There are five buttons under the list box. You should click either the second one Remove or the third one Remove All.

Remove:If you want to delete some files in the list box, first, you should select the files you want to delete; and then, click on the Remove button to delete the selected files.
Remove All:If you Click on Remove All,you can delete all the files in the list box.

Step 4: Specify RTF as the output format

There are five group boxes on the right part of interface. Please pay attention to the second group box titled Output Formats, there are two options: MS Word Document (*.DOC) and Rich Text Format (*. RTF). You should select the second one:
Rich Text Format (*. RTF):This is the option you need to select. Click on the radio box, then the computer will convert PDF to RTF file later.

Step 5: Convert PDF to RTF

You should click on Convert;
Select a folder in the Browse for Folder dialog box that pops out;
Click on OK.
As soon as the Browse for Folder dialog box is closed, the computer will start converting PDF to RTF.

View the process
This PDF to RTF converter can convert PDF to RTF very quickly. You can view the process as illustrated below. The conversion will take you seconds, depending on the size of the source PDF files. If the PDF files are complicated, it will take more time.

Step 6: Evaluate the effect

After you convert PDF to RTF, the new created RTF files will be opened by default. As you can see in the following illustration, the RTF file well maintains the original layout of the source PDF file. Sometimes, you might need to do some slight.
Before :


What is RTF?

Rich Text Format (RTF) is a document format developed by Microsoft for text and graphics interchange that can be used with different output devices, operating environments, and operating systems. Compared with DOC format, RTF files can be read by different word processors, while a DOC file saved with newer version of Word is unreadable on the older one. Moreover, there are no macro-viruses for RTF, RTF is more secure. And RTF does not contain hidden, possibly private, data, while a DOC document contains.