How to use eePDF PDF to Word Converter as a PDF to HTML converter?

Sometimes, when people need to covert PDF to HXML, the first thought is to buy a PDF to HTML converter. However, with eePDF PDF to Word Converter, it’s unnecessary for you to buy a new PDF to HTML converter. You can use eePDF PDF to Word Converter as a PDF to HTML converter to meet your needs.
The following steps tell you how to use this product to quickly and easily convert PDF to HTML:

Step 1: Download eePDF PDF to Word Converter

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It will take you no more than one minute to install the software in your computer.

Step 2: Run eePDF PDF to Word Converter

The quickest way to open eePDF PDF to Word Converter is to double click the icon of this software. The interface of eePDF PDF to Word Converter is illustrated as following:

As you can see, the interface consists three parts: the list box, the group boxes panel and the tool bar with five buttons.

Step 3 Input PDF files

The easiest way to input PDF files to eePDF PDF to Word Converter is to drag the PDF files you want to convert to the list box directly.
The more traditional way is to click the Add PDF File(s) button and follow the prompts to add PDF files.

Step 4: Set output format

The Output Format combo box has two options: MS Word Document (*.DOC) and Rich Text Format (*. RTF). It means you can use eePDF PDF to Word Converter to convert PDF to documents in either the format DOC or the format RTF. Since the documents in DOC and RTF can be opened in MS Office, you can choose either as the output format here. This time, we choose DOC as the output format.

Step 5: Convert PDF to Word

This is the last step to convert PDF to OpenOffice. Since the RTF documents is the medium documents, after you view the effect of the newly created RTF files, please close them. Then you should
Click on Convert to open the Browse for Folder dialog box.
Select a folder to store the outputting documents in the tree control.
Click on OK to close the Browse for Folder dialog box and to start converting.

View the process You can view the process in the process as illustrated below. Also the amount of pages will be displayed above the process.

Step 6: Convert Word to HTML

Open the newly converted Word documents in MS Office
Click on File
Click on Save As to Open the Save As dialog box.
Save the Word documents in HTML format.

Step 7: Evaluate the effect.

Here is a side-by-side comparison between the original PDF file and the HTML file. It is lightly changed, so you may need to do a little adjustment.

What is HXML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, is a language for describing Web pages. HTML mainly describes the text and graphic images of a Web page only in terms of how it is to be displayed and interacted with. A web browser reads HTML documents and composes them into visible or audible web pages. The browser does not display the HTML tags, but uses the tags to interpret the content of the page. The World Wide Web is composed primarily of HTML documents transmitted from web servers to web browsers.