Convert PCL to PDF via command line

eePDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line can help you convert multiple PCL to PDF in batch via command line. As you convert PCL to PDF, you are also able to set options via command line. With the help of eePDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line, you can quickly and easily create high-quality PDF files from PCL: perfectly maintain the original color and contents from PCL to PDF. Besides, when you convert PCL to PDF, you are allowed to rotate the PDF pages, insert pages to existing PDF pages, rename the existing PDF files, merge PDF files, add watermarks, delete empty pages from PDF files, set PDF open password, and PDF owner password, etc.

The following are some features of eePDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line:
Convert PCL to PDF ----convert PCL to PDF or convert PDF to raster PDF file.
Support batch conversion----convert multiple PCL files to PDF files in batch via a command line.
Rotate PDF pages----you can rotate PDF pages by setting rotate degree (90,180,270).
View the result PDF file----after conversion from PCL to PDF, you can view PDF files.
Insert PDF pages----if there is a PDF file existing, you are allowed to overwrite it, or insert pages to it, or rename the filename, when you convert PCL to PDF.
Support PDF properties setting----you can set PDF producer, creator, title, subject, keywords, and author via command line.
Support key length setting----you can set key length from 40 to 128 bits via command line.
Encrypt PDF files----you are allowed to set open password and owner password for PDF files.
Create bookmark for PDF files.
Extract page range ----You are allowed to extract page range from PDF file.
Merge PDF files----you can merge two PDF files or multiple PDF files into one PDF file. You can merge PDF files form a text with PDF file list. You can burst PDF files into a single page PDF files.
Overlay template PDF file----you can overlay template PDF on all pages, on page one, page 2 or any other pages you like.
Delete empty PDF pages.
Embed mapped fonts into PDF file.

Usage of eePDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line:

Usage of eePDF PCL to PDF Converter Command Line:

pcltool options pcl-file pdf-file

pcltool.exe C:\in.pcl C:\out.pdf
pcltool.exe -append 2 C:\in.pcl C:\out.pdf
pcltool.exe -mapfont "C:\mapfont.ini" -embedfonts no C:\in.pcl C:\out.pdf

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