Excel to PDF Converter

Excel to PDF Converter is the fast, affordable way to create professional-quality documents into the popular PDF file format, whose easy-to-use interface allows users to create PDF files simply. This article is to introduce Excel to PDF Converter with its dreaming functions.

Step 1. Before processing Excel to PDF, please look over its main interface first as below:

Excel to PDF Converter

Step 2. To add Excel file(s) to its main interface, several ways could be offered in Excel to PDF Converter:
1.Click [Add files]>select Excel file(s)>click [open] button;
2.Click [Add folder]>select a source folder that contains some Excel files>click [ok];
3.Move mouse onto the process table of main interface>click the right button of mouse>choose [Add files];
4.Move mouse onto the process table of main interface>click the right button of mouse>choose [Add folder];
5.Drag Excel file(s) into process table;

PPT to PDF Converter – Convert PPT to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF

To delete Excel file(s), there are a few ways to choose:
Use the right button of mouse to click Excel file(s) in the process table>click [Remove files] or [Clear files];
Click [Remove files] or [Clear files] of tool bar after choosing Excel file(s) of process table;

Step 3. To set up the parameters of PDF file(s), please click [Setting] of tool bar, there will be a panel popup as below:

PPT to PDF Converter – Convert PPT to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF

There are 5 active buttons on the setting panel ,where users could set up different parameters and mode of PDF file(s):

To edit properties of PDF file(s), such as subject of PDF file(s), or keywords etc., please click properties active button of setting panel;
To set up PDF file(s) security, open password and permissions, for example, please click security active button of setting panel;
To regulate the preview mode of PDF file(s), please switch to the viewer panel by clicking viewer active button;
To edit and adjust page number of PDF file(s), just switch to the page number panel;
To add and edit watermark in PDF file(s), please click watermark active button to jump to its panel;

After setting up all parameters, please click [ok] on the setting panel, then program could jump back to the main interface of Excel to PDF Converter.

At last, please click the button of [Convert to PDF And Save As] on the main panel, the program could offer users a popup dialog box, please choose a targeting folder and click [ok] of dialog box, then wait for a few moments when Excel to PDF Converter process the task(s), the PDF file(s) could be added into that objective folder.

The features of Excel to PDF Converter are as below:
Support the hot directories mode of interface;
Support to preview source files;
Support to open targeting folder;
Support to output log file;
Support to set up the properties of PDF files;
Help users make PDF files more safe, such as open password, permission content editing and permission password;
Help users set up preview mode in PDF viewer to make the preview more intuitive;
Support to custom page number of PDF files;
Support to design and edit watermark of PDF files;
Support to halt the procedure of converting anytime;

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